Amateur Wildlife and Birding Photography Competition: Winner of June entries!

Posted on Fri August 5, 2016.

The Amateur Wildlife and Birding Photography Competition is in full stride.  Thank you to the wildlife photography community for the awesome response!  We are proud to announce this months winner of the “Public Favorite” – as voted by you on Facebook.

  • Full name: JP Meiring
  • Title of the photograph: Teeth and Testosterone
  • The exact location of the photograph:  Kruger National Park, Crocodile bridge
  • The date the photograph was taken:  12 September 2015
  • Brief scene description:  Heard about lions that were mating not far from where we were.  Went there.  They slept.  Waited 3 hours till they woke up.  One male mated with the female.  The other male got too close and the two males started fighting.  After the fight, the first male continued to mate with the female.
  • Common name of the main species in the photograph:  Lions
  • The photograph’s exposure settings, and camera and lens used:  Canon 1dx
    Canon500mm f4 mark ii
    ISO 800, f4, ss 1/1600

JP wins himself R500 cash and of course the all-important bragging rights that is part and parcel of being a winner.  Congratulations!

Click here for more info on the Amateur Wildlife and Birding Photography Competition.

The Grand Prize is an 8 night Bush and Beach Safari!