Photo of the Week – Emerald spotted wood dove

Posted on Fri April 8, 2016.

This stunning image of an emerald spotted wood dove was captured by our guest Thys Lombard.  It was taken from inside the sunken, underground hide at Indlovu River Lodge.

Did you know?  The emerald-spotted wood dove builds a flimsy stick nest in a tree or shrub, and lays two cream-coloured eggs. Both sexes incubate for 13–17 days to hatching, and feed the squabs for 13–17 days to fledging.  Many young birds are taken by mongooses and shrikes.

The emerald-spotted wood dove is not gregarious, but flocks may form at waterholes.  This makes it a highly probable visitor at the waterholes when our guests are patiently waiting in the underground hide!

For more info on  the emerald spotted wood dove, click here.

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