Photo of the week – For the nyala, no drop is wasted

Posted on Fri January 29, 2016.

In the greater Circle of Life, one thing is certainly true – no drop is wasted….

As in life, photography asks for good composure, good timing, and patience!  This quirky nyala image was recently captured at our new sunken, underground hide by Denni Raubenheimer.  Denni was co-leading a workshop with Yolande van Niekerk Raubenheimer from Master Your Camera.

Their group was a bit worried about the overcast weather, but as always, even adversity created great learning opportunities.  Photography has a way of becoming addictive, especially once you realize that with some knowledge, you can take great photos even on less than perfect conditions.  This is one of the advantages of joining a workshop like this one.

Says one of Denni’s previous clients, Johan Britz:  “I would like to thank you for the most professional way in which you conduct  your class and share your superior knowledge, it was money and time very well spent and I am sure that my wife and I will soon be contacting you to arrange for further assistance.”  Jack Biko

Click here for more info on Denni and Yolande’s next photographic workshops at Indlovu River Lodge.