Photo of the Week – I’m colourful….

Posted on Fri January 1, 2016.

Today is the first day of a new year and we think it’s time to shine!  These blue wax-bills seem to be quite amazed at the beautiful colours of the green winged pytilia next to them.  Maybe this year it is time to make heads turn by being your most colourful self too!

Aristotle said that “the purpose of a thing is for it to flourish.”  We thus wish you a flourishing and colourful year and hope to welcome you at Indlovu River Lodge soon!

This great image was captured by Manus van Dyk at the sunken bird hide at Indlovu.  It was as part of regular photographic courses hosted on the reserve.

For more info on similar courses, contact Louisa at the lodge at:  +27 (0) 15 383 9918 or
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