Photo of the week – I’ve got thick skin…

Posted on Fri May 27, 2016.

This close up photo captures beautifully the rough (and surprisingly thin) skin of the African elephant.  The elephant is a proud member of the Big 5 and the image was taken at Indlovu River Lodge by one of our guests.

Capturing interesting images of elephants can be a tricky business -a skill which takes time to master and even more time out in the bush.

Wildlife photographer Simon Smit, has the following to say about photographing these giants.

The ears of an African elephant are one of their most prominent features. When you sit in the presence of an elephant, its ears attract a great deal of attention. Their smooth texture is so completely different to the countless folds on the skin that they lie against. I try, not only, to capture this difference but also the contrasting light found on the ear and the shadow it casts behind it. There are some interesting combinations of colours, shades and textures that can be captured with some patience.

A very prominent and unique feature of elephants is their trunk. The way in which they move it and the control they have over it is mesmerizing. The fine hairs as well as all the wrinkles have a huge amount of character to add to a close-up photograph of the trunk. The different shapes created as they feed, drink and go about their day are another dimension to capture. Go further than just the trunk though and try to freeze these actions taking place.

Capturing that moment, with all the dimensions and interesting combinations in place, certainly  expects attention and lots of patience from the photographer.  All of which sounds like the perfect excuse to spend long and quiet hours in the Kruger and surrounds!

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