Photo of the week – The quietly majestic leopard

Posted on Fri December 18, 2015.

Some things in life inspire our silent awe…  Being rewarded by a leopard sighting on a game drive definitely falls into that category!  If by chance you also have your camera with you to capture the moment, you can expect to experience some sort of quiet reverie for the rest of the day.  There truly is something magical about these creatures, and it is such a privilege to be surrounded by them here on the reserve.

Indlovu River Lodge is located in the Karongwe Private Game Reserve.  The richly diverse 9000ha reserve hosts all of the Big Five species of Africa in a free roaming environment.  With an abundance of general game species as well as extraordinary bird life you can expect to encounter a wide range of species on the game drives.  Famed for regular leopard sightings, you are almost guaranteed to come across the Big Five during your stay.

The image above was captured by our guest Marietjie Steenkamp, during a recent photographic course at Indlovu.

For info on upcoming photographic courses, you can contact Louisa at the lodge +27 (0) 15 383 9918, or at [email protected]