Photo of the Week – What’s in a hide?

Posted on Fri June 24, 2016.

Award winning Birding Photographer, Albert Froneman, is visiting Indlovu River Lodge with a group of amateur photographers this weekend.  Why? Because of the exceptional birding photography opportunities created by our sunken hides.

In Albert’s own words – here is what the weekend’s guests can expect from his course:

The strategically positioned photographic hides located at two of the waterholes within the reserve, provide exceptional photographic opportunities at a unique low angle. Besides the rich diversity of birds and animals known to occur in the Limpopo/Mpumalanga Lowveld, the Karongwe Reserve (where Indlovu River Lodge is located) is also home to the big five so chances are that you may be rewarded with some exceptional sightings. The sunken hides ensure that each photographer has unobstructed level with the water views of the birds and wildlife that come to drink. The hides are equipped with gimbal heads or the existing brackets allow you to attach your own tripod head.

The wide variety of birds in the bushveld never disappoints and numerous species are always eager for a quick drink of water or to cool off with an exuberant bathing session during the midday heat. Bird species that visit the water’s edge in front of the hide range from the tiny Blue Waxbills to large birds of prey so one has to be prepared for any type of action!

The timing of our safari to Indlovu River Lodge has been carefully planned to coincide with the dry winter season when birds and game are more likely to visit the water and that there are better chances of early morning and late afternoon sunshine which is always best for bird and wildlife photography.

Albert’s next photography course at Indlovu will take place from 6 – 9 August 2016 (4 days) at a rate of R9627.19 +VAT per photographer.

For more info, please contact Louisa at [email protected] or at the lodge  +27 (0) 15 383 9918.