Photographic Safari – Never judge a bird by its feathers?

Posted on Fri November 6, 2015.

In life, as in Nature, that definitely remains a tough call!

The fantastically bright colors of the Purple Crested Turaco in flight, remains a breathtaking sight in the wilderness.  This one has its nest in the towering Jackalberry trees on the riverbank opposite Indlovu River Lodge.

Its name has recently been  changed from the prior Purple Crested Loerie.  All loeries have been renamed in line with international naming conventions, and are now called turacos, like the other members of their family.  The only exception is the the Grey Loerie (Corythaixoides concolor) which is now called the Grey Go-away bird.  

This image was taken by our guest Thys Lombard from the Strand in the Western Cape.  You can follow him at Twitter or on Facebook

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