Underground hides at Indlovu? Find out what the big photographic fuss is about…!

Posted on Mon August 31, 2015.

The two new sunken/underground hides that have recently been built at Indlovu River Lodge, has created quite a stir. Unique among its kind in most of Africa, these hides provide photographers with exceptional angles for one in a lifetime photographic opportunities.

The two new underground hides (one for bird and the other for animal photography) are unique in the sense that they were designed by photographers, for photographers. They were furthermore built by experts with minimal cost restrictions, to enable photographers to get the most from the experience.

The unique features of these hides include the following:
1. Photography at water/eye level. Your lens is just 3-10 cm above the water level resulting in abnormal and unique shooting angles.
2. The overflow sides or “walls” of the dams/ponds are only a few cm high with the result that there is no disturbing ground wall behind especially small birds and other smaller animals.
3. The above two features result in perfect reflection ponds with amazing reflections of the smallest bird to the largest animals.
4. The hides were situated such that the background grass and trees are far away resulting in clean backgrounds even at small apertures.
5. During the peak months (June to end October) the light/sun is perfect for conventional and backlight photography.
6. Photography takes place inside the hide from Directors Chairs with each photographer provided with his own, independent, built-in camera support system for telephoto lenses and storage space (shelf) for additional equipment. Wimberley like brackets and sandbags for smaller lenses are also provided.

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