Wildlife Photography Blog – The comfort of togetherness

Posted on Fri July 29, 2016.

This beautiful moment in wildlife photography captured our interest for something more than merely great photographic skill.  It seems to capture the age old romanticism around the concept of “growing old together”.  The comfort of knowing someone you care about will be there for the long run, is something most of us long for, and many of us are lucky enough to find.

As humans, we are increasingly aware of the sensitivity, intellect and highly evolved social structures of elephants.  This stunning wildlife photography image by David Taylor, seems to capture something of that tenderness and care that both of our species often long for.

What makes these moments even more magical, is the time that our guests wait in the sunken hides, as quiet as possible, giving the animals as much as possible freedom to approach the water hole undisturbed.  During these times of quiet alertness, one seems to notice so much more.  The colors reflecting on the face of the water, the confident chattering of birds and insects, the rustle in the leaves…  There is a sense of anticipation in knowing you are surrounded by huge amounts of wildlife.

When the moment thus arrives and you are approached at the waterhole, all your senses are already heightened. Realizing that the animals approaching are huge elephants, enhances the excitement even more.

And then happens this beautiful wildlife photography moment.  A display of community and togetherness, as if there is a message and a gift brought to us by these animals.  The gift of remembering to care for each other.  And in that, to care for ourselves too.

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