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A photographer's wildest dream

Posted on Thu September 21, 2017 in Wildlife Photography.

If you enjoy wildlife or bird photography, a trip to Indlovu River Lodge, with its unique hides and vantage points, could make for some fantastic new additions to your portfolio.

At Indlovu River Lodge we love seeing the amazing pictures that our wildlife and bird photographer guests produce. To help them in their quest to get those special shots, we’ve created some unique sunken hides with a few very interesting vantage points. We’ve also geared our safari vehicles with everything that is needed to capture those rare moments in the wild.

Our sunken hides at the watering holes are below ground level, fully equipped with directors chairs and gimbals on independent support systems and carpeted to minimise noise. If you book a slot at Thapama hide or Hoseng hide, you’ll be able to place your lens millimetres above the water level and capture those incredible pictures of the animals drinking water with their reflections on the water surface.

If you’d like an elevated perspective, why not try our photographic platform on stilts? This is a favourite among photographers looking for a bird’s-eye view of the animals and it’s a great opportunity for birding photographers to capture the behaviour of bird species that nest high up in tree canopies.

For those who want to venture out into the bush to try and get some pictures of the animals in their natural routines, why not go on a photographic safari and catch those special moments from the back of an open safari vehicle? Our staff is expertly trained to track the animals and their behaviour and our safari vehicles are equipped with all the tools you need to get that perfect shot.

So, if you’d like to take on a new challenge and add something different to your portfolio, why not give one of our interesting photographic vantage points a try? Or better yet – why not try all of them? With our 4-night Photography special, you’ll be able to experience all of these vantage points, and save on accommodation too! If this sounds like your next photography challenge, get in touch to make a booking. Also, have a look at our wildlife photography competitions here. Who knows? Maybe you could be our next winner!